People Working in Night Shifts have High Risk of Obesity

According to a study conducted by researchers, it has been found that people who do overnight shifts have a high chance of getting obese by 29 percent.

Employees who work overnight have a high chance of developing abdominal obesity. It derails the metabolism of your body and increases your waistline by one third. This happens because the artificial light at night disrupts the melatonin levels in the brain and damages your body metabolism. This causes the metabolism to work slower than the normal rate.

Researchers say that about 3.4 million cases of deaths due to obesity are reported every year. Therefore, they are warning the employees to change their shift timings, so that they can keep themselves save from the obesity epidemic.

This research was carried out by a Chinese University in Hong Kong. Researchers came to this conclusion after conducting several tests on thousands of participants around the globe including manufacturing employees, healthcare workers, truck and bus drivers.

It was also seen that obesity might lead to other health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. in the long run.

Of all types of obesity, employees who work at late nights are likely to develop abdominal obesity. This obesity damages the organs around the stomach by building fat around them.

The sleep cycle is regulated by melatonin, leptin, and insulin. Disrupting these hormones might lead you to gain more weight and cause other health problems. As they have a disturbed sleep, employees who work in the night shifts burn12 to 16 percent fewer calories than the night sleepers.

Doctors advice that prolonged exposure to night shift must be avoided to reduce the risk of being affected by obesity in the long run.

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