Can We Consider Rummy a Brain Exercise?

Before answering this question, let me clear a common misunderstanding, which states that a game of Rummy can be won based on sheer luck. Luck is indeed a factor in determining your win even. However, it does not contribute significantly.

Rummy can only be won by paying utmost attention and devoting a focused mind, during the game. Knowing your tricks and tactics and also observing your opponent’s moves gets you closer to the win.

It is an intricate game that can be made simple only if you know the basic rules and have mastered some skills. A logical and mathematical brain goes a long way in making you win. Rummy demands high functionality and a quite quick, responsive participation of one’s mind.

To begin with, Rummy involves interacting with other players and opponents who can be people from different walks of life. This will help you to socialise, thereby improving your social communication skills. For individuals who are unwilling to socialise with people, this is a massive ice breaker. Along with typical events of winning and losing to gain experience, this particular aspect of Rummy can give an enormous boost to your confidence.

To win a game of Rummy, you need to make concrete and smart strategies. However, your plans might fail because the game may take unexpected diversions. Thus, you need to learn how to improvise on your existing tactics by estimating the course of the game correctly.

At the same time, you need to keep an eye on your opponent’s moves to predict his game plan as accurately as possible. This entire mechanism not only increases a person’s cognitive thinking capabilities and intuitiveness but also enables him/her to multi-task.

People who have mastered these few tricks are known to make better financial and management decisions, especially when there is a deadline involved. Consequently, a person’s retentive capacity also stays unimpaired and might even get better with time.

An important point here is that while Rummy demands high-end participation of the brain all the time, it cannot be assumed that it is a stress-inducing game. On the contrary, Rummy is known to relieve people of anxiety and tension. The game of Rummy would either give you entertainment and pleasure or help your brain exercise. Thus, your brain will function healthily.


There is hardly any argument that can justify that Rummy does not work as a good brain exercise. It develops a person’s communication skills and makes him/her more sociable. People suffering from anxiety or those who have had a long day at work can use Rummy as a therapy to soothe their nerves.

In a nutshell, Rummy makes the brain exercise at unimaginable levels in good, healthy ways. It can improve logical reasoning and analytical ability. It helps players become good at multi-tasking and learn patience. It will teach you to be confident and rational in situations of pressure. Thus, playing Rummy leads to a person’s holistic development, covering aspects of the personality as well as intelligence.

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