According To a Recent Survey Indians Spend Most of Their Time during Vacation on Social Media

According to a recent survey conducted by Expedia it was found that Indians are on top of the list beating Thailand and Mexico in terms of using social media.

The survey also tells that Indians love to work but at the same time love to stay connected with friends and family all the time. It also states that about 59 percent Indians get bored or frustrated on not being able to access Wi-Fi or internet. Though most of them depend on internet in order to start their work.

The study further confirms that about 33 per cent Indians show their interest for airlines that are equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi facilities. While on the other hand 14 percent Indians work on their vacations too but when it is compared to the US and Brazil, just seven and six per cent people work on vacations.

Expedia survey also states that it is social media because of which Indians enjoy their vacation happily. The survey further adds that 22 per cent people take selfies, 22 per cent people regularly post pics on social media, 21 per cent check in on social media regularly while 19 per cent people stay connected to each other through social media.

The survey took place across 17 countries which includes India, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, France, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, New Zealand, Spain, France, Australia, UK, Japan and US with about 15,363 respondents all together.

According to calculations, most of the Indians are social media obsessed and love to visit new places especially sea beaches but about 24 percent Indians find the same activities very annoying.

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