Best leather shoes brands in world

Are you looking to buy great shoes from some of the world’s best shoe brands? Check out our list of best leather shoes brand.

There are quite a few different shoe brands when it comes to leather shoes and lets you choose from them. As the quality varies from the brand and can be a challenging job to determine what kind of quality you want. If choose the wrong incorrectly pair your wardrobe, then you could ruin the sense of luxury that you are trying to get.


.For some time, Gucci has known itself as a fashion brand, and so it should not come as a surprise that the brand is affiliated as a top brand  .  Although the company produces conventional loafers and oxfords they  do have Gucci fashion’s distinctive look such as the bushed buckle strap shoe or the brogueing Monk Strap Shoe.


Prada shoes are one of the best leather shoes and has the distinct look to them. You can expect to get variety of shoes such as the black oxford and loafer. You  can also impress with the Cap-Toe Cordovan dress shoe though.
You can obtain these shoes at any Prada store  or at any  luxury shops and depending on the style, prices vary from hundreds to a thousand or more.

Cole Hann

Cole Hann has become one of the growing brands that is loved by and respected by  individuals. They sell their shoes in a wide range of styles to match almost every possible style preference.

 The shoes are more inexpensive and affordable , however, the consumers shouldn’t expect the shoe to have a long life. Prices  can vary from a modest $40 to a few hundred dollars for these extremely durable shoes so they’re great for any budget.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana are the top shoemaker shoe brands and it is a  luxury brand that retains all the luxury features.

 Most of the common shoes offered are oxfords and loafers the men’s shoe appears to have a classic look. The women’s shoes, however, lean more towards the futuristic fashion trends, particularly in their high-heel choices. With the woman’s brand, there’s even more variety in designs and choices.

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